Beginner's Motorcycle Driver Education Program you will learn:

  • To have more fun by riding your motorcycle safely.
  • The basics: what to wear, how to start and stop
    your motorcycle, and motorcycle controls.
  • Street strategies to avoid trouble and stay safe.
  • How to maneuver your motorcycle in tough situations
    on Real Streets. (not just in a parking lot)
  • Swerving/ avoiding collisions, special situations,
    lane changes, passing, and avoiding hazards.

The Beginner's Motorcycle Driver Education Program
provides classroom and actual motorcycle operator
professional training in a controlled, off-street

Students that progress will:

  • Take on local roads and receive Stop
    sign/signal lights at intersection training.
  • Moderate to Heavy Traffic Driving,
    accelerate, brake and turn safely.
  • Perform tight figure 8's, and left and
    right circle training, preparing student for
    DMV's Motorcycle Road Test.
  • Scheduling appointment for Motorcycle
    Road Test.
  • We provide Motorcycle, supervising driver
    and transportation for DMV's Examiner.

No experience is necessary; a good sense of balance is required (you must be able to ride a bicycle).

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to motorcycling
  • Protective gear / What to wear
  • Controls such as the clutch and brakes
  • Pre-ride inspection of your motorcycle
  • Preparing to ride your motorcycle on the class range
  • Street strategies to avoid trouble and stay safe
  • Driving and riding impairments such as use of alcohol and drugs
  • How to maneuver your motorcycle
  • Avoiding obstacles - Lane changes - Passing - Riding at night
  • Collision avoidance skills - Swerving
  • Special situations - Carrying a passenger or cargo
  • Dealing with tire failure - Dealing with animals
  • And other topics all included increasing your motorcycle riding enjoyment and safety.

Students who have a NYS Motorcycle Learner's Permit may take this course, students that do not have a NYS License, must complete the 5 hour pre-licensing course.

Students complete the 16 hour program and passing the DMV motorcycle road test, will receive an Interim Motorcycle license on the spot, at road test site. (Note: unlimited Road Test - are included) This course also qualifies as a defensive driving course.

Attendance at all portions of the course qualifies you for New York State Point and Insurance Reduction Program, including a three year, 10 percent reduction of your current liability, collision and no-fault premiums for all vehicles for which you are the principle operator.

Scheduling for the New York State Motorcycle Road Test is included. The date of the road test you will receive a one hour warm-up ride, before taking student to the road test site; which includes transportation vehicle and supervising driver for the examiner ride along behind the motorcycle in the road test. Anyone under the age of 18, must have parents written consent form.

The Required Gear to Ride: Students provide the following protective clothing:

  • US DOT-approved motorcycle helmet,
  • Eye protection; with face shield, US DOT approved glasses or goggles.
  • Jacket and Long-sleeved jacket or shirt, made from denim or other heavy material
  • Long pants of denim or other heavy material Cover legs completely.
  • Boots with walking heels, high enough to cover ankles; or Leather coverings
  • Full fingered Gloves / Leather gloves - unlined but not too thin

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