The Class “C” Straight Truck Driver Programs include all of the following educational material in its Classroom and Hands-On-Training. (Learn more about CDL here)

Written Test Preparation
Instruction to receive your NYS Class “C” Learners Permit includes the following:

Mandatory Requirements to receive Class "C" Learners Permit
• General Knowledge
• Air Brake Knowledge – Brake Systems
•GVWR of 26,000 lbs. or less that:
 - transports 15 or more passengers OR
 - transports passengers under Article 19-A of
   the V&T Law OR
 - carries Hazardous Materials (learn more)
   (Class C may tow vehicles with a GVWR of
   10,000 lbs. or less, or may tow a vehicle of
   more than 10,000 lbs. providing the GCWR is
   not more than 26,000 lbs.)
Hazardous Materials (learn more)
• Tank Vehicles
• Bus – Passengers Vehicle

Introduction to the Straight Truck (Classroom)

• Orientation to familiarize you with Equipment
• Basic Operation and Control Skills
• Emergency Procedures
• Federal & State D.O.T. Rules and Requirements
• Safe Operating Practices
• The Driver's Daily Log – Hours of Service
• Vehicle-Condition Reports
• Pre-trip and Post-trip Inspections
• Cargo Procedures
• Preventive Maintenance
• Road Rage Management

Practice Range Instruction (Yard work)

• Orientation to Equipment
• Shifting & Double Clutching
• Right & Left Hand Turning
• Straight Line Backing
• Driver Side & Blind Side Backing
• Alley Dock Backing
• Serpentine Backing
• Backing between Trailers
• Parallel Parking
• Brake System – Brake Adjustment Clinic

On-the-Road Instruction (Behind-the-Wheel)

• Pre-trip and Post-trip Inspections
• Proper Mirror Usage & Adjustment
• Upshifting & Downshifting Techniques
• City Street Driving – Short Street Turning
• Parallel Parking on City Streets
• Defensive Driving Practices – Smith Systems
• Speed & Space Management
• Proper Turning on Two Lane Highways
• Driving on Upgrade – Downgrade
• Road Sign Recognition
• Road Construction Driving Techniques
• Country/Rural Driving
• Interstate Highway Driving & Techniques
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